She's Having a Baby - Default Replacement Wear

Here's the default pregnancy wear replacement package for my 'She's Having a Baby' mesh.

There are two files, choose one:

1. If you have already downloaded the mesh and recolors from the previous entry, you only need this default replacement package.

(Alternate link)

2. If you haven't downloaded the mesh and recolors before or if you've deleted some of the recolors, this download is for you.

(Alternate link)

Poly: 2168
Has fat and pregnant morphs (obviously).

Installation: Put the mesh, 9 recolors and default package in your downloads folder to have new pregnancy wear.
Un-installation: Remove the default package only, if you wish to keep the outfits.

Files have been compressed.

Other good stuff to replace the default sleepwear and underwear.
Bienchen83 PJs replacement
HP underwear replacement


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