Long Lasting Reaction - TS2 "Skater hair" for TS3

TS2 "Skater hair" converted for TS3.

This is only my second hair for Sims 3 ever, so let me know if there are any problems.
Works for men, teen-elder. Feel free to recolor/re-texture/re-whatever.
Poly count: 780
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Selene - Moon fix & replacement

The jagged edges on the TS3 moon annoyed me, so I fixed the faulty alpha it had.
Then I wanted another kind of moon as well, namely the beautiful one from Dragon Age.
(I'm not the only one who is this picky when it comes to stuff you rarely see in game, right?)

This is a very small, simple, default texture replacement and should not conflict with any mods, except other moon replacements.
You can choose between a fixed EA moon or texture replacement.
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Songs for imaginary beings / Force fed pop culture

Long time no see, eh? Well, I'm back for now. :)

I've converted some of my old recolors of aikea-guinea's CDs set for TS3.
There are 18 sets in total, all in one package.

UPDATE 11.11.11: Added fixed & combined package for patch 1.26 and up.
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Head Like A Hole - TS3 Piercings Set

Today I share with you my set of piercings for TS3.
There are single piercings as well as a full set. They work for both genders, teen - elder and they are semi-layerable, meaning your sim can wear a left piercing with a right, just not together with earrings.
If you use AwesomeMod you can multi-layer these with the allowmultiwear cheat.
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A New Career in a New Town - Three deco replacements

The first TS3 downloads from me.

3 Resized Decorations
3 Resized Decorations
The size of some of the clutter objects in TS3 bothered me.
So I made them smaller!

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'She's Having a Baby' - Maternity Replacement

She's Having a Baby - Default Replacement Wear

Here's the default pregnancy wear replacement package for my 'She's Having a Baby' mesh.

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Etcetera etcetera

Here are some new downloads from me, that I've made the past couple of months, but been to busy to upload. :)

She's Having a Baby - New mesh for AF
It's in Your Eyes - Sclera corrector using Anva's Legacy Sclera
Peggy Revisited - Outfits for AF
Enjoying the Silence, Part II - CD clutter
I Cans Have! - More useless(?) clutter

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Another Reprise - Ear Gauges/Plugs

Ear gauges/plugs

There are two sets, one silver & one black. Mesh included in both rars.
Works for both genders, teen-elder.
Polycount: 254
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NeoGoSling (Reprise) – Edited Hair for Men

This has quickly become one of my favorite hairs, but I often use beards and sideburns on my male sims, so the alpha needed a small edit. I've also made darker colors that work well with darker skins.

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‘Vampyrer’ – New Clothes for the Count or Countess

Vampires are everywhere this year, bleh! O_O

I don’t know how useful this will be for anyone else, but I got tired of the way the Grand vampires look.
Just because they’re old it doesn’t mean they can’t follow fashion.
So I made them some default replacement wear!

Download the replacement package you want, all needed files are included in the zips.
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'This Time of the Year' - Crosses and matches

Alighieri - The Complete Set

Here’s (as requested) the complete set of cross necklaces + 5 new earrings for AF & TF.
Meshes by Aikea Guinea & Liana Sims included.
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'Enjoying the Silence' - Some music clutter

CDs, LPs & sheet music! Clutter for your music loving sims.

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